Monday, May 07, 2007


Some of my blogs refer to meat and beef eating in ancient days as well as current times. It is necessary to clarify my position and some observations from the environment:

1. To eat or abstain from meat/beef eating is a decision of an individual.

2. Vegetarianism spread in some communities of India owing to the influence of the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

3. Today many of Buddhist are also non-vegetarians.

4. Vegetarianism in a strict sense means eating only plant products. In this sense even milk, curd (yoghurt), cheese, butter, clarified butter etc. also become non-vegetarian.

5. The case for vegetarianism arises as proposition in a person's efforts to become better and nobler, because it tries to abstain from causing injury to animals. Those who abstain from meat including beef and other fleshes and fish (and other aqua products) will be saving the lives of animals. When compared to a daily eater of animals, a rare or occasional eater of animals, minimises hisher violence on animals.

6. Milking animals causes pain to mother animals and denies their leigitimate due to the calves. In strict sense, vegetarians have to gradually desist from consuming lacto foods also.

6a. Consuming food in large quantifies, whether veg. or non-veg. causes hurt to other livings. We may have to consume only that which is required to keep ourselves alive. But maintaining this type of pledges, is, difficult for many reasons. E.g.: Life may become insipid. We may lose our concentration on other day-to-day activities such as job, caught up in the mania of non-violence. O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), can make us, fanatics.

7. If science helps us to avoid plant foods (plants to have joy and pain. They have a right to their own lives) one day by inventing inorganic substitute tablets and pills, we can gradually shift to eating only non-living things.

8. But all these things cannot be imposed on individuals either by law or coercion. These are absolutely voluntary ideas.

9. If some people become perfect vegetarians and yet commit ghastly crimes on humans in the name of business or religion or something else, they do not become better individuals.
(time constraint. I shall continue shortly).


  1. Thank You very much for reading and expressing your acceptance. I, have made, some additions to this post, encouraged by your 'okaying'.

  2. Gautama Buddha was ate meat!
    eating meat is allowed as long as several condition

    Hinduism is influence by Sikh and jainsm forbid to eat meat

    Plant according to hinduism, jains, and sikh has jiva..

    How come they [sikh and jainsm] talk again and again about ahimsa but kill jiva in plant?

    isnt it litle bit ridic?

  3. Reply to Shri Wirajhana: I agree with you. A true seeker / practitioner of non-violence has to gradually stop eating plants also. Survival of a human without eating either animals or plants is very difficult. Science has to find a solution. We may have to, in the meantime, consume only that much of plant or animal which is unavoidable to live. We can even to choose to die, when we get a feeling that we have outlived the need for our existence. It will be an icchaa maran`a (death just by will), a la the Bhishma.

    What worries me more about in communities is, money-lending at usurious rates of interest and accumulating gold, spending lavishly thus accumulated money, in marriages, spending huge amounts on drinking liquors though the founding Gurus forbade it.


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