Monday, June 16, 2008

#009 I stand in the midst of the plundered wealth

4-39-1 Sanskrit verse
Viraat`a Parva, Volume 4
Sarvaan jana padaan jitvaa
vittam aachchhidya keevalam
madhye dhanasya tisht`haami

tenaahurmaan Dhananjayam

1. vittam = money.
2. dhanam = vittam = money.
3. sarvaan = all (in dative case).
4. jitvaa = having defeated (Subordinated clause end)
5. jana padaan = States (or city states. In Objective case).
6. madhyee = amidst (after inflection for the preposition 'in')
7. tisht`aami = I sit (tisht` = infinitive of verb meaning to sit; aami = verb conjugation for first
person simple present tense).

Arjuna was in Virata Kingdom for one year. At the end of the 'incognito' period, he revealed himself to Uttara s/o Virata. When asked by Uttara to explain the meaning of Arjuna's ten names, he explained the meaning of his name 'Dhananjaya'.

"Having defeated all the countries, having pooled up money, I sit amidst the heaps. Hence I am called Dhanamjaya."

*What a great plunderer!

In 1066, William the Conqueror, The Duke of Normandy invaded England. He could anoint himself as the king of England only after burning and plundering the South East England.
Plundering and burning was a part of conquering of ancient races including Asian and European races like Danes, Germans, French, Aryans, Chinese.


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    KIndly read the comments and one of the members, Surya8181, says that there is no proof in Mahabharata that Drona rejected Karnan on the basis of his low caste. I would appreciate, if you can share your views in my blogsite

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  3. It was the custom of brave kshatriyas to conquer wealth. Arjuna did not steal wealth. He vanquished enemies in the battle field and won their wealth. You should remember he could not have acted in any other way, for that was the purpose of his birth itself - his father did penance for 2 years wishing a son that will become famous like no other.


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