Sunday, June 15, 2008

#007 Did Draupadi and Subhadra drink freely?

1-214-22 (In some versions 1-225-22) Sanskrit Verse
Adi Parva - Volume 1
Chapter 214

Draupadii ca Subhadraa ca
vaasaansya aabharan`aani ca,
prayacchheetaam mahaaraan`i
striin`aa tee sma madootkat`ee.

When Arjuna brought Subhadra, Draupadi initially wept. Later she reconciled with Subhadra. After some days, they went on a picnic. There they drank freely.

Inebriated (madootkat`ee) Draupadi and Subhadra distributed their garments and ornaments to women. The context was: Arjuna and Krishna took Draupadi and Subhadra along with royal women to a picnic on the banks of river Yamuna. Rich foods and liquor were taken along with them for enjoyment in gardens and mansions. The royal women drank to their satisfaction and pushed one another in joy.

*Royal women should drink and misbehave!
*Otherwise when will they gift something to the toiling maids?


  1. as i said in your posts on ramayana, discouragement of meat eating is influence of jainism on hinduism and discouragement of liqor shows buddhist influence


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