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#006 Did Draupadi weep when Arjuna brought Subhadra?

1-213-15, 1-213-16
Adi Parva - Volume 1
Chapter 213

Taan Draupadii pratyuvaacha
tatraiva gachchha Kaunteeya
yatra saa Saatvataatmajaa
Subaddhasyaapi bhaarasya
puurvabandhaha shlathaayatee.

Tathaa bahuvidhaan Krishn`aan
vilapantiim Dhananjayaha
Saantvayaamaasa bhuuyashcha
kshamayaamaasa chaasakruit.

Arjuna took newly wed Subhadra to his city (Hastina) and showed her to his first wife Draupadi.

(Draupadi was said to be very bold and courageous.) But she wept on seeing Subhadra, the second wife. Arjuna persuaded her to accept Subhadra.

*Arjuna did not find it necessary to tell Draupadi in advance before bringing a second wife.

1 comment:

  1. Call her on phone and inform? He had been on exile for 12 years. Also it was common those days for men, especially kshatriyas to have many wifes (I wish that custom were followed today, lol).
    Besides Drowpadi already knew of his marriage, for he sought the permission of Yudhisthira by sending a messenger, for bringing Subhadra from Drawaka to Indraprasta.


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