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#004, Can't Vedas be read in the presence of Sudras?

1-58-18 Sanskrit Verse
Adi Parva - Book One
Chapter 18
Na ca s`uudra samaabhyaashee

King Janameejaya asked Vais`ampaayana: "Why the celestial Gods took birth on Earth?". Vais`ampaayana explained to him the benevolent environment prevailing at that time and how it subsequently became polluted. The pollution and domination of sin required the Lord Vishnu and celestial Gods to take births on Earth for the purpose of killing demons and sinful kings.

Vedas were not being read in the presence of Sudras.


Not reading Vedas in the presence of the 4th caste persons was taken as an indication of good rule and environment.

*The Mahabharata times were extremely unkind to the fourth caste in the hierarchy (S`udras). The fourth caste was not only prevented from learning Vedas, but also the Priests were so apprehensive that they did not read Vedas when the Fourth Caste persons were present.

ybrao a donkey's provisional personal view, not intended to be imposed on others

Sudras -the fourth caste in the Indo-Aryan Fourth Caste System, might have been Indian Natives who were admitted into Aryan Society, to work as Servants, to do menial duties. The three Upper Castes i.e. Priests, Warriors, Traders-Business persons might have been white-Aryans. They might not have wanted the Native Indian Sudras to know the contents of Aryan Sacred Texts-- i.e. Vedas.

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