Sunday, June 15, 2008

#005 Who knows what she will do by her self-choice? Hence carry her away by force!

1-211-21, 1-211-22, 1-211-23 Sanskrit Verses
Adi Parva - Book I

Svayanvaraha kshatriyaan`aan
vivaahaha purusharshabha
sa cha samshayitaha Paartha

Prasahya haran`an chaapi
kshatriyaan`aam prashasyatee
vivaaha heetooha shuuraan`aamiti
dharmavidoo viduha.

Sa tvam Arjuna kalyaan`iim
prasahya bhaginiim mama
hara svayanvaree hyasyaaha
koo vai veeda chikiirshitam.

Arjuna and Krishna were at a carnival. Krishna's sister Subhadra came to the carnival with her maids. Arjuna was attracted by her beauty. Krishna encouraged him to abduct her without her concurrence.

"Self-choice is granted to Warrior caste girls. We do not know the girls disposition and temper. In case of brave warriors, forcible adoption is applauded. Who knows what she will do by her self-choice? Hence carry her away by force!" Thus Krishna (self proclaimed God) was unconcerned about the girl's mind. He simply asks his friend (Arjuna) to take her away by force without telling her parents.

*There was a custom of warriors kidnapping princesses forcibly and marrying them at the places of the warriors. These marriages were called "Raakshasa vivaahas (demonly marriages)". Bhishma did it in case of the Princesses Amba, Ambika, and Ambalika. Krishna himself approved this practice in case of his own sister Subhadra.
*Krishna was not concerned about human rights or the rights of women. He was glad about customs of the castes.
*This self-proclaimed God, how he behaved!

1 comment:

  1. You are not quoting all that krishna said. He said what greatness is there in accepting women from her father (after asking his permission and all) as if she were an animal. I feel the same thing. In those days they used to ask only the girl's father for her hand in marriage. This is what is really treating the woman like a piece of property, and Krishna was a good man in talking against this, and this is dear to my heart as well. I do see this as a valourous act.
    As regards the woman's permission and self-will itself, you know that Bhisma let go of Amba after she said he was in love with another man (although I do not approve his killing so many kings in that fight) , I'm sure Subhadra was in love with Arjuna (remember he was the best of men) for she agreed to drive the chariot herself to Indraprasta.


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