Monday, June 16, 2008

Somaka killed one son to get hundred sons

3-128-2 to 3-128-6 Sanskrit Verses
Aranya Parva - Volume 3 - Volume of Forest

Tataha sa yaajayaamaasa Soomakan teena Jantunaa
maatarastu balaatputramapaakarshhauha kruipaanvitaaha . 2.
haaahaataaha smeeti vaashaantyastiivrashaookasamanvitaaha .
tam maataraha pratyakarshhaangruihaiitvaa dakshhain`ee karee
savyee paan`au gruihiitvaa tu yaajakoo api sma karshhaati . 3.
kurariin`aamivaartaanaamapaakruishhaya tu tan sutam
vishaasya chaainan vidhainaa vapaamasya juhaaava saha . 4.
vapaayaan hauuyamaanaayaan gandhaamaagharaaya maataraha .
aartaa nipeetuha sahaasaa pruithaivyaan kurunandana . sarvaashachaa garbhaaanalabhaanstatastaaha paarthaivaa an`ganaaha . 5.
tatoooo dashaasu maaseeshhau soomakasya vishaam patee
jagnyee putrashaatam puurn`an taasu sarvaasu bhaaarata . 6.

So, say Part 3 (Aranya Parva - Forest Dwelling), chapter 127 (full), and chapter 128 Verses 1 to 8. Story: King Somaka had 100 queens and only son. His name was "Jantu". All the hundred queens looked after the boy with love. One day an ant bit the boy. With pain, the boy started crying. Out of love, all the hundred queens started crying loudly. The "cries" from the gynaecium reached the King Somaka. The King enquired into reasons for the loud wails from the Female apartments and discussed the problem with Priests. The King's feeling was that one son was no son at all. One priest advised Somaka to perform a special sacrifice in which the King was to sacrifice his own son "name:Jantu" and please the Gods, so that he can get 100 sons.

The king accepted the priest's suggestion and performed the sacrifice. The queens did not want to allow their only son to be killed in the sacrifice. They held the boy like hawks holding their prey and refused to part with the boy.

The priests forcibly took the boy away from their mothers and killed him. The boy's flesh was burnt in the sacrificial fire. All the queens smelt the fumes and smoke from the fire (apparently, as a normal part of their breathing) and they conceived 100 sons. After ten months, they gave birth to the hundred sons.

The king Somaka and the queens were happy.

*What a great priest!
*What a great King!
*What a great Queen!
*What a great Book!
*What a great country!
*What a great culture!


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