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Rule my kingdom, but undergo Sex Test

Book 4 (virAta Parva). Chapter 10. Verse 6.
SikhI sukeSah paridhAya cAnyathA; bhavasva dhanvI kavacI SarI tathA-

Aruhya yAnam paridhAvatAm bhavAn; sutaih samo me bhava vA mayA samah

|| vriddho hy aham vai parihArakAmah; sarvAn matsyAms tarasA pAlayasva-

naivamvidhAh klIbarUpA bhavanti; katham caneti pratibhAti me manah

VirATa010 010 virATa uvAca

dadAmi te hanta varam brihannaDe; sutAm ca me nartaya yAS ca tAdriSIh-

idam tu te karma samam na me matam; samudranemim prithivIm tvam arhasi


VirATa010 011 brihannaDAm tAm abhivIkshya matsyarAT; kalAsu nritte ca tathaiva vAdite-

apumstvam apy asya niSamya ca sthiram; tatah kumArIpuram utsasarja tam

Context: Arjuna entered Virata's court, in the guise of a person of neuter gender, dressed as a dance teacher. His new name was: Brihannala. Virata was addressing him.

Possessed of great strength, thou art like

unto a celestial, and young and of darkish hue, thou resemblest the

leader of a herd of elephants. Wearing conch-bracelets overlaid with

gold, a braid, and ear-rings, thou shinest yet like one amongst those
that riding on chariots wander about equipped with mail and bow and arrows and decked with garlands and fine hair. I am old and desirous of
relinquishing my burden. Be thou like my son, or rule thou like myself
all the Matsyas. It s semeth to me that such a person as thou can never be
of the neuter sex.
(Arjuna informed the King that he wanted to work as a dance teacher in his court).

Virata said, 'O Vrihannala, I give thee what thou desirest. Instruct my
daughter, and those like her, in dancing. To me, however, this office
seemeth unworthy of thee. Thou deservest (the dominion of) the entire
earth girt round by the ocean.

Vaisampayana continued, The king of the Matsyas then tested Vrihannala
in dancing, music, and other fine arts, and consulting with his various
ministers forthwith caused him to be examined by women. And learning that
this impotency was of a permanent nature, he sent him to the maiden's

ybrao a donkey's comments
*Call somebody that he was fit to rule the whole world (earth)! Ask him to rule the Matsya Kingdom. Then send him for a sex test! Kings were worried about women!. A male person should not enter the kumaripuram (gynaecium), even if he was fit to rule the whole earth or the kingdom itself!

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