Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sacrificial posts everywhere means?

At the request of JanamEjaya, sage VaiSampAyana was narrating the great deeds of the king's ancestors. Here, he was the explaining the successors of the King Puru. The following verses show the greatness of the King Suhotra.

Vol 1 - Adi Parva - First book of 18 Parts.
Chapter 89. Verses 22 to 26.
teshAm jyeshThah suhotras tu rAjyam Apa mahIkshitAm-

rAjasUya aSvamedhAdyaih so ayajad bahubhih savaih

|| suhotrah prithivIm sarvAm bubhuje sAgarAmbarAm-

pUrNAm hasti gava aSvasya bahuratna samAkulAm

|| mamajjeva mahI tasya bhUribhArAvapIDitA-

hasty aSva ratha sampUrNA manushya kalilA bhriSam

|| suhotre rAjani tadA dharmatah SAsati prajAh-

caityayUpAGkitA cAsId bhUmih SatasahasraSah

||e pravriddhajanasasyA ca sahadevA vyarocata

Volume 1 (Adi Parva - first Part)
Adi 089 022 The eldest of them all, Suhotra, obtained the throne
and performed many Rajasuyas and horse-sacrifices.
And Suhotra brought under his sway the whole earth surrounded by her belt of seas and full of elephants, kine and horses, and all her wealth of gems of gold.
And the earth afflicted with the weight of numberless human beings and elephants, horses, and cats, was, as it were, about to sink.

And during the virtuous reign of Suhotra the surface of the whole earth was dotted all over with hundreds and thousands, of sacrificial stakes.

*Another horse-killer, in the name of sacrifices.
*Whole earth - an exaggeration.
*Did the Earth really sink with the weight of the people in SuhOtra's kingdom? We have, in India, now 1.2 billion people. Yet India is not sinking. This world has around 7 billion people. It is not sinking.
*Hundreds and thousands of sacrificial posts - imagine this scene? This king might have suffered from the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to perform sacrifices. Was one sacrifice not sufficient? Or, the priests who inserted these verses into the Mahabharata Epic must have been mad.

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