Monday, May 30, 2011

Ten million Yadava army as help was impossible

Book 5 (Book of war efforts - Udyoga parva), Chapter 007, Verses 16 and 17.

matsaṁhananatulya`na`ṁ go`pa`na`m arbudaṁ mahat

na`ra`yaṇa` iti khya`ta`ḥ sarve` saṁgra`mayo`dhinaḥ

te` va` yudhi dura`dharsha` bhavantv e`kasya sainika`ḥ

ayudhyama`naḥ saṁgra`me` nyastaśastro` aham e`kataḥ

ContextArrangements for the Mahabharata war have begun.
Arjuna and Duryodhana approached Krishna for help on the same day (without telling one another). Arjuna was sitting on the 'feet' side of sleeping Krishna. Duryodhana being arrogant sat on the head side of Krishna).

Krishna opening his eyes saw Arjuna first. Duryodhana claimed that he came first and his claim was just.
Krishna offered to help both.
Krishna was describing the army of Yadavas which he was offering.
My equals great Yadavas arbudam in number (arbudam as per many internet sources equals ten million). Adjectives : They are famous as 'Narayanas'. They are all enthusiastic to fight. You will know when they fight the war, what type of soldiers they are.

I shall not touch arms. I shall not fight the war. I shall guide. (etc.)

Blogger's Comments
*What was the total size of Krishna's Army?
*How could he spare 10 million?
*Even the Indian Army, Navy and Indian Air Force all put together, of the 21st Century may not number ten million.
*The Yadava Kingdom was just a small city Kingdom. They were building their Capital at Dwaraka apparently on Gujarat Coast.
*They were facing challenges from Greeks like kAlayavana.

*Mythological Dramas played in our State of Andhra Pradesh, by name 'pAnDavOdyOga vijayAlu' and 'kuru kshEtram' are more practical. They say that Krishna offered ten thousand YAdavAs.

*Aggregate of both the Pandava and Kaurava Armies itself (22 akshauhiNis) does not amount to ten million.

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