Saturday, November 12, 2011

023 Yudhishthira feeding hundreds of thousands of Brahmins

Volume 4 Book of Incognito (VirATa Parvam) Chapter 45 Verse 17.
Context: Draupadi was serving Virata's Queen SudheshNa. Draupadi was in the guise of Sairandhri. Virata's brother-in-law KIcaka was teasing her. Draupadi was lamenting.

This verse refers to the past glory of Yudhishthira who is now serving in the Court of Virata, as a dice thrower.

ashTASItisahasrANi snAtakA grihamedhinaH`
triMSaddAsIka ekaiko yAn bibharti yudhishThiraH.

daSAnyAni sahasrANi nityaM tatrAnnam uttamam`
bhuJjate rukma pAtrIbhir yudhishThira nivESane

English Gist
YudhishThira used to have 88,000 graduate grihamedhis (persons interested in lust, passion and intercourse as per Suka Goswami. Grihamedhis are different from householders- called grihasthas.) with 30 maid-servants attached to each. He had another 10,000 priests who didn't accept gifts and who kept their sperm intact (without falling).

Ganguli's translation
that Yudhishthira who maintained eighty-eight thousands of
domestic Snatakas with thirty maid-servants assigned unto each, as also ten thousand yatis not accepting anything in gift and with vital seed drawn up,--alas, even that mighty king now liveth in such guise.

ybrao a donkey's views
*88,000 x 30 = 264,000 maid-servants. What these women were doing in the service of the snataka Brahmins? What would have been the expenditure for maintaining these 88,000 + 264,000 + 10,000 unproductive persons?

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