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Great Preacher of Steady Wisdom lost his wisdom

YBREM: Supposedly great persons who preach thousands of verses also become ordinary men when testing times occur. Here is a quote from Mahabharata.

Book 16
Mausala Parva Chapter 004 from verses 032.
|| hanyamAne tu Saineye kruddho rukmiNinandanah-

tadantaram upAdhAvan mokshayishyaJ Sineh sutam

|| sa bhojaih saha samyuktah sAtyakiS cAndhakaih saha-

bahutvAn nihatau tatra ubhau krishNasya paSyatah

|| hatam drishTvA tu Saineyam putram ca yadunandanah-

erakANAm tadA mushTim kopAj jagrAha keSavah

|| tad abhUn musalam ghoram vajrakalpam ayomayam-

jaghAna tena krishNas tAn ye asya pramukhato abhavan


When the son of Sini (ybrem: sAtyaki) was being thus assaulted, Rukmini's son became highly enraged. He rushed forward for
rescuing Satyaki who was engaged with the Bhojas and the Andhakas.
Endued with might of arms and wealth of energy, those two heroes (ybrem: sAtyaki and pradyumna) exerted
themselves with great courage.

But as the odds were overwhelming, both of them were slain in the very sight of Krishna.

The delighter of the Yadus, beholding his own son, and the son of Sini too, slain, took up, in wrath,
a handful of the Eraka grass that grew there. That handful of grass
became a terrible bolt of iron endued with the energy of the thunderbolt.
With it Krishna slew all those that came before him.

We should remember that Krishna is the preacher of Bhagavad Gita. What did he say in Chapter 2 about the person of steady wisdom?

Chapter 002 Verse 56 of Bhagavadgita (you can see my, post No.#002).

Verse 002/056
du:kheeshv anudvignamanaa: sukheeshu vigataspruha:
viitaraagabhayakroodha: sthitadhiir munir uchyatee
Verse 002/057
ya: sarvatraanabhisneehas tat tat praapya s`ubhaas`ubham
naabhinandati na dveesht`i tasya pragnaa pratisht`hitaa

A Person of Steady Wisdom does not lose heart when there is sorrow. POSW is little aware and moved when there are things to rejoice. POSW sheds attachement, fear and anger. (SW 56).
POSW is friendly everywhere. When good things happen POSW does not rejoice. When inauspicious things take place, POSW does not hate. POSW is well established in in a balanced intellect. (SW 57).

What happened for all these preachings of Bhagavad Gita, when Krishna lost his son (Pradnyumna through eldest wife Rukmini) ? He immediately took grass into his hands and slaughtered his own kin and clan. Why he could not restrain himself? Was Krishna just drunk or just grief-stricken or both?

*We should remember that preachings are for others and not for oneself.

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