Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shri mallAdi candrasekhara SAstri's discourses at TTD, Tirumala

16th Feb. 2012.
HAS ARRANGED the discourses of Shri mallAdi candrasEkhara SAstri, an octogenerian scholar, said to be a great expert on mahAbhArata.

I heard his discourse on SVBC channel of TTD on the 16th.

He has done his duty as a paid scholar of the tirumala tirupati dEvasthAnams (TTD temple).
Time available for him was limited.
The audience go there with preconceived minds, notions, opinions, perceptions.
Tuning precepts as per the requirements of the TTD is his duty. HE gets paid for it.
Our objects are different. We are here to penetrate into the past socio-economic history of India, though the evidential material we have before us was already doctored over centuries.

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