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The story of Madhavi is in UdyOga Parva (i.e. volume 5) of vyAsa mahAbhArata.

I have already mentioned at my blog (click to go there) and (Click to go there), that I have become nearly mad after studying the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda and vAlmiki rAmAyaNa. When I have started thinking that I am coming back to normalcy, I am stuck up with this story of Madhavi.

pAnDavas completed their exile of 12 years in forests and 1 year incognito. Having fulfilled their obligations, they started re-claiming their kingdom from Kauravas. As Kauravas did not oblige, war became imminent. pAnDavas sent Shri Krishna (vAsudEva) as their emissary to the DhritarAshTra's court. This scene is popularly known in Indian villages and towns, as "Sri Krishna rAyabAram" (Diplomacy of/by Shri Krishna). According to popular belief, in SKRB, the main speaker is Krishna.

In vyAsa mahAbhArata, the sequence was as under:

1. After the courtiers sat, Opening Batsman Krishna gave his preliminary speech, somewhat long, but not too long.

2. Next batsman, was Sage ParasurAma. He told DuryOdhana, the story of King dambOdhbhava. No change in duryOdhana.

3. After paraSurAma got out, Sage Kanwa told duryOdhana, the story of GaruDa garva bhanga. (GaruDa was the vehicle of Vishnu. GaruDa had pride. ViShNu brought him back to surrender).

4. After duryOdhana laughed at Kanwa, he(Kanwa) retired. Narada was the next batsman. Narada told duryOdhana, the story of MAdhavi which will be the subject matter of our next 10 posts (approx.).

5. Madhavi's story starts at Vol.5 Udyoga Parva, Chapter 104, verse 005. Narada started telling duryOdhana.
Chapter 104 -- 21 verses
105 19 verses.
106 18
107 21
108 19
109 26
110 22
111 23
112 20
113 21
114 22
115 18
116 21
117 23
118 22
119 28
120 18
121 20
382 verses

Let us compare the size of Madhavi's story, with the size of Bhagavad Gita, the famous advice of Krishna to Arjuna, on the war-field, has approx. 715 verses.

Narada's advice to Duryodhana, the Madhavi story part has 382 verses. Means it is more than half the size of Bhagavadgita. Narada made a triple Century of verses.

Then why do the temple preachers, discoursers and scholars skip this important story?

How many Indian films of the 28 Constitutional languages, have films or mythological dramas on Mahabharata, covering this story? Not even one, to the best of my knowledge.

Did Ramananda Sagar's TV Serial MahAbharata cover this story? Can my readers who have seen all the episodes of the Serial, or who have the videos with them confirm, that Madhavi's story is available?

I do not want this particular post to become unreadable, owing to excess length. More will follow in my next post.

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  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    'Opening Batsman Krishna', 'Next batsman, was Sage ParasurAma', ha ha ha, you have a great sense of humor :)


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