Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Who laughed and who did not laugh?

Question: Did draupadi laugh when duryOdhana fell in a water fountain at the assembly hall? (maya sabha). Did see comment that a blind man's son was also blind? Did this ultimately lead to her de-clothing and the mahAbhArata war?


tatah sphATikatoyAm vai sphATikAmbujaSobhitAm- vApIm matvA sthalam iti savAsAh prApataj jale^
Sabha043006 jale nipatitam drishTvA kimkarA jahasur bhriSam- vAsAmsi ca SubhAny asmai pradadU rAjaSAsanAt^
Sabha043007 tathAgatam tu tam drishTvA bhImaseno mahAbalah- arjunaS ca yamau cobhau sarve te prAhasams tadA.
Sabha043008 nAmarshayat tatas teshAm avahAsam amarshaNah- AkAram rakshamANas tu na sa tAn samudaikshata^
Sabha043009 punar vasanam utkshipya pratarishyann iva sthalam- Aruroha tatah sarve jahasus te punar janAh
dvAram ca vivritAkAram lalATena samAhanat- samvritam ceti manvAno dvAradeSAd upAramat.

ybrems1 From the above verses, readers may observe that bhIma and arjuna laughed at duryOdhana. Not, draupadi. Where is the question of her commenting that a blind man's son would be blind?

ybrems2: Balladeers, Preachers and priests are capable of inserting unproven scenese into narrations, to add spice to their presentations. Can we rely on them?

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  1. Anonymous10:22 PM


    and it's answer from Andhra Mahabharata!

    What's the guarantee that Ganguli's tr. is pure without interpolations!!


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