Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#000A Replies to Comments of Mr. Raghu

raghu has left a new comment on your post "#007 Did Draupadi and Subhadra drink freely?":

as i said in your posts on ramayana, discouragement of meat eating is influence of jainism on hinduism and discouragement of liqor shows buddhist influence

We live in a world of 'pluralism'. Different persons and people can have different customs and habits. We need not despise consumption of liquor or meat.

We may discuss addictive alchoholism and obesity causing excessive non-vegetarianism as evils of societies. This is not the aim of this particular blog.

My purpose: People do not read, and do not have time to read , original Sanskrit Mahabharata. They depend on preachers and priests for their impressions and understanding of Mahabharata. Some people believe that noble mythical characters are ideal persons without human habits or weaknesses. I wanted to fill this information gap, by furnishing original verses from Mahabharata, so that readers can get correct picture of what Draupadi and Subhadra were. I did not intend to say that Draupadi and Subhadra were bad people or good people. Value judgments are not my job. You can point out , if at any time , I indulge in value judgments in my blogs. I shall rewrite the particular post.

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