Monday, November 07, 2011

What Mahabharata has got to do with 4runnerforex?

I am while writing this blog, aware that I shall get only few readers. For this reason only, I rarely try to find out how many readers I have or I had.

Today, out of just curiosity, I visited my stats at this blogger. I found that I had 178 visitors during October 2011. I am surprised to find that there was a visitor from

I, out of further interest, visited the, to appreciate what it was about.

It is about forex trading. It is based in British Virgin Islands. They want to be forerunners in Foreign Exchange trading. Ok, it is their business. We live in a free world.

What I wondered, is how did we have a common visitor? Just a fluke?

Mahabharata itself had the key event of gambling with dice. Forex trading may not be better than gambling with dice. Of course, both types of gambling may need predictive skills.

We can, without hesitation, deduce that greed ruined both Yudhishthira and Duryodhana. Scripture-preachers have a tendency to defend Yudhishthira by giving reasons such as 1. it was a warrior's duty not to refuse an invitation for a game of dice. 2. Kauravas taunted Dharmaraja with provocative words.

But a wise person cannot yield to taunts, howsoever piercing they may be. It was, obviously the greed which tempted Yudhishthira to fall flat.

Back to forex trading. China, the so called Communist country, has established an entire island dedicated to gambling-- Macau Island. I guess, that the owners of the dominant Casinos at Macau may again be Europeans, North Americans and the Australians.

I frequently get dreams which indicate that the present financial problems of United States (largest debtor Nation in the and to the world), and the Europe (both those who have come open like Greece, Portugal, Spain and those which are still hiding) may be the outcome of some their citizens and Investment Managers indulging in reckless gamblng. This gambling need not always be at Casinos. Forex Trading, Derivative Trading, Commodity futures, Gold, silver and diamond futures, Cricket, Formula 1 Racing, anything will be fit for gambling. The dividing line is very thin.

So, when funds move from the N American and European personal accounts and institutional accounts to Chinese, British Virgin Islands, Island of Man, and other tax-cum-gambling havens, the Euro-American-Australians need not worry that they are losing. It is the Euro-American-Ausralian Bank/Casino owners who gain in the transfers and the money remains with EuramAustr only. Even the manufacturing Companies in China have EuramAustr controllers and owners, though ostensibly they may have Chinese proprietors for the purpose of taxation. The plight of the Chinese poor will continue. Unable to support even a single child, they may have to sell them.

Do not think that India will lag behind in International Gambling, apart from revelling in domestic gambling. Replacement of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act with Foreign Exchange Management Act, liberalisation of exchange controls for foreign outward remittances, loose foreign exchange rules owing to accumulation of foreign exchange reserves received by inviting foreign investments, all facilitate overseas gambling. Ahmedabad and Mumbai traders have already great experience of gambling on the Diwali and Muhurat Days. An Indian High Court ruled that Rummy was a game of skill and should not be treated as gambling. The organisers of gambling dens argue with police quoting the court order, bribe them and continue their business.

Hence, this Mahabharata blog and a British Virgin Island website, can have a common visitor.

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