Sunday, January 15, 2012

Should God of death be bald?

One happy news. Baldness existed even during Mahabharata times i.e. about 5,000 years ago. It is not at least a phonomenon of the 20/21st Centuries.

One unhappy news. According to Mahabharata, baldness is one symbol of the God of Death.

Here is the original Sanskrit verse from the Krishna DvaipAyana vYAsa Mahabharata:

Mausala Parva 003 001 evam prayatamAnAnAm vrishNInAm andhakaih saha-

kAlo grihANi sarveshAm paricakrAma nityaSah

|| karAlo vikaTo muNDah purushah krishNapingalah-

grihANy avekshya vrishNInAm nAdriSyata punah kva cit

|| utpedire mahAvAtA dAruNAS cA dine dine-

vrishNyandhakavinASAya bahavo romaharshaNAh

|| vivriddhamUshakA rathyA vibhinnamaNikAs tathA-

cIcIkUcIti vASyantyah sArikA vrishNiveSmasu

||e nopaSAmyati SabdaS ca sa divArAtram eva hi


While the Vrishnis and the Andhakas were thus

endeavouring (to avoid the impending calamity), the embodied form of
Time (death) every day wandered about their houses. He looked like a man
of terrible and fierce aspect. Of bald head, he was black and of tawny
complexion. Sometimes he was seen by the Vrishnis as he peered into their
houses. The mighty bowmen among the Vrishnis shot hundreds and thousands
of shafts at him, but none of these succeeded in piercing him, for he was
none else than the Destroyer of all creatures.

Can't we imagine of a God of Death, who has hair on his head? Why should he be bald?

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